If I Could Only Wear One Color for the Next Month

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I haven’t posted anything here in ages, but that’s mainly because I was blogging on my many other blogs, again it was intermittent when I was posting anything because I have been a bit busy doing the dayjob. Which is playing with computers, you see how it is?

Anyway on Saturday me & some friends went out to Edinburgh, for a meal & some drinking activity, as you do!

After a couple of drinks near the station we headed off to the Edinburgh Mount Royal Hotel for lunch, a couple of drinks and a bit of banter. From what I remember nearly everybody had the haggis, yes we do eat it at other times of the year up here, well some of us do anyway. It was quite an interesting interesting meal all told, and the whisky available was very good.

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After that though we started out on our proper reason for Edinburgh and we headed off to the Grassmarket for a couple of beers in the late summer sunshine, we were mainly drinking it up outside of the Beehive almost as if it were the south of France. After a while us old yins start to slow down while the youngsters always want to set off for somewhere noisy and flashy.

So the older ones headed off home to have a couple of drinks in the Wheatsheaf, which is a fine pub much closer to my home. Anyway all in all it was a nice night!

Peter Godfrey

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World Cup Fever

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Yes, it would seem that perhaps too many people caught World Cup fever during the last month, but I am not talking about the the joys and passions with which the world loves Football. I’m talking about the sudden illness that strikes people down on the very day of a big World Cup match.

I know what you’re thinking, “surely it’s a coincidence!”, but apparently not, people are actually taking days off when they aren’t sick just to watch games at soccer [I’m a bit of a cricket fan myself so just listen to TMS at work]. This is surely going to add more and more to the pressures of employers during these times of stress and economic recovery. Add the cost of loss of production onto the cost of business medical cover, then pressure starts to build.

I read about this in the Metro this morning coming to work, but it was backed up by a report on the BBC website, so it must be true, all of you people should be ashamed of yourself, sickies should only be taken in emergencies [like after a really nasty drinking binge] in my opinion. For anyone to abuse the system makes it more difficult for the rest of us to skive.

Conferences in Edinburgh

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Scotland can be the perfect location for any industry to host it’s annual conference, and not only for industries which are based in Scotland. Companies from all over the North of England can find it easier to travel to the two main cities in Scotland than to the normal venues in the south of England.

And this is because everything in the central belt of Scotland is located so close to major arteries of transport; road, rail, air. Many large companies decide to host their annual conferences in Edinburgh, because although it is not the largest city in the UK, or even in Scotland, it has all the amenities of the capital city which it is. And on top all this it has amongst the finest views in the country, along with the world’s largest single arts festival.

To impress potential clientele in the view of Edinburgh Castle and the historic Princes street Gardens is a must. And Edinburgh can accommodate conferences of all sizes from the vast corporate events to the single day with an average sized company.

If the correct time of year is chosen not only can a grand time spent outside of the actual conference but, it can be made to coincide with the sales on Princes Street, one of the best shopping streets in the land, with shops that are one of a kind, found nowhere else!

At enlm we like to think that Edinburgh has more going for it than any other city in the World of it’s size [ecxept maybe Oslo [but they speak Norwegian]]

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Edinburgh in Style

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For some people it is better to stay in budget, out-of-town hotels, and save themselves a few shekels every night on the bill, than to spend a little bit more and stay in the centre of town. Well I don’t know which is the best policy, I suppose it is different for different people with different outlooks.

It seems to me a bit like swings and roundabouts to me, as the money saved in staying away from the centre of the city is often swallowed up in taxi fares back to the hotel after a night out and about at the opera [or wherever], unless you just wish to stay out of town for the whole period of your stay.

This why I just prefer the simplicity of living in the city centre and knowing that I can get back to my bed every night. It is always better to stay in a hotel in Edinburgh City Centre, than staying away out in Musselburgh or Portobello, nice places as they are. No I like the boisterous life of the city, even if it does cost a slight bit more for the privilege.