Internet Marketing

There is a lot of wooliness about this all inclusive term “INTERNET MARKETING”, it sort of includes me, because I do search engine optimisation, but it includes people who do nothing like me such as affiliate services, which I only see as dubious at best, middle men who skew up serps.

I can honestly say that I have never been a huge fan of vague titles, I’m still a bit unsure of SEO, as there are still so many angles that vary within the practice, that it still isn’t homogeneous enough a bracket for me. Some people are paid to put thousands of simple links into directories, at the other end there are people who do very little of that hard manual stuff, these internet marketing gurus are more into the theoretical side, advising people in where they are going wrong.

In between there are those who do work, but not do link work, but instead put out stuff  to lure in links from other sites, copywriters. This can be done by two ways in general, first there is controversial material, which causes a stir, the second is quality content which people are genuinely interested reading more than once, and want to tell others about.

But no it’s all internet marketing – despair.


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