World Cup Fever

Yes, it would seem that perhaps too many people caught World Cup fever during the last month, but I am not talking about the the joys and passions with which the world loves Football. I’m talking about the sudden illness that strikes people down on the very day of a big World Cup match.

I know what you’re thinking, “surely it’s a coincidence!”, but apparently not, people are actually taking days off when they aren’t sick just to watch games at soccer [I’m a bit of a cricket fan myself so just listen to TMS at work]. This is surely going to add more and more to the pressures of employers during these times of stress and economic recovery. Add the cost of loss of production onto the cost of business medical cover, then pressure starts to build.

I read about this in the Metro this morning coming to work, but it was backed up by a report on the BBC website, so it must be true, all of you people should be ashamed of yourself, sickies should only be taken in emergencies [like after a really nasty drinking binge] in my opinion. For anyone to abuse the system makes it more difficult for the rest of us to skive.


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