I haven’t posted anything here in ages, but that’s mainly because I was blogging on my many other blogs, again it was intermittent when I was posting anything because I have been a bit busy doing the dayjob. Which is playing with computers, you see how it is?

Anyway on Saturday me & some friends went out to Edinburgh, for a meal & some drinking activity, as you do!

After a couple of drinks near the station we headed off to the Edinburgh Mount Royal Hotel for lunch, a couple of drinks and a bit of banter. From what I remember nearly everybody had the haggis, yes we do eat it at other times of the year up here, well some of us do anyway. It was quite an interesting interesting meal all told, and the whisky available was very good.

Ramada Jarvis Hotel on Urbanspoon

After that though we started out on our proper reason for Edinburgh and we headed off to the Grassmarket for a couple of beers in the late summer sunshine, we were mainly drinking it up outside of the Beehive almost as if it were the south of France. After a while us old yins start to slow down while the youngsters always want to set off for somewhere noisy and flashy.

So the older ones headed off home to have a couple of drinks in the Wheatsheaf, which is a fine pub much closer to my home. Anyway all in all it was a nice night!


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